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Inspirational story from a Cervical Cancer survivor

This is a very inspirational story from Polly Noble, a courageous cervical cancer survivor, who candidly describes her battle with cancer and journey to reclaim her health. You can listen to the audio recording of Polly’s interview with Judy Seeger from Cancer Winners Radio at the bottom of this article.

A little about Polly who wears many hat’s, she is a writer, juice junkie, food lover & holistic health coach. She had never set foot in a hospital for almost 24 years.

Then she was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer which at the time of diagnosis had spread to the surrounding lymph nodes around her pelvis. That following year consisted of constant hospital trips for surgery, simultaneous chemo & radiotherapy, brachytherapy and various health issues such as lymphoedema and kidney infections which topped it all off as the icing on the cake. Yes that was a pretty dark horrendous time for her!

Fast forward 4 years, and during her 2nd hospitalization for pneumonia in as many years, they found a lump in her neck which transpired to be a recurrence of what was now deemed as incurable cancer. However she now decided to take matters into her own hands. Having suffered very badly with side-effects from the conventional treatment for her cervical cancer, and based on the information she had gleaned over the years she decided that this time around she would embark on a journey to heal her self naturally.

Polly Noble PhotoFundamentally she knew the body could heal itself. She had already proved that to her self when she cured her supposedly incurable lymphoedema in her leg caused by the treatment she’d had, so now she felt that it was time for her to walk the talk and implement the changes she felt were needed to give her body the best chance of creating an optimum environment for healing.

Polly now dedicates herself to sharing her journey and the amazing stuff she continues to learn about health, healing and living well through writing books, eBooks, holding classes, workshops and retreats.

Visit Polly’s website¬† Polly’s Path to Health & Happiness

Listen to Judy Seeger interview Polly here:

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  1. Polly Noble died 9 months ago from her cancer you ignorant fuck.

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