Nov 13

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The REAL Truth About the Body’s Acid Alkaline Balance


Hot off the press! This webinar was recorded last night and is available here in an unedited form. Presenter Alan Hewitt introduces us to Paul Counsel who does an excellent job in explaining how the acid alkaline balance affects our health and well-being.  Paul is very knowledgeable in health matters and his presentation really puts together the pieces of acid/alkaline puzzle.

The video shows that our lifestyle is responsible for most diseases, something that we are all aware of, but I didn’t know to what extent these foods cause our body to become acidic, and what the consequences are. We really are eating ourselves to death, to put it bluntly. But all is not lost, we can eat ourselves to wellness if we have the knowledge contained in this video.

acid alkaline balance imageMost of us need to make changes to our diet if we plan to survive and flourish. As I have stated several times, if I knew before I became ill, what I know now then I would never have become ill in the first place.

A sad fact is that we are being driven to ill health by the food companies that advertise heavily in the hope that we will buy their product which in many cases is anything but nutritional food.

Then the health industry promotes products that will supposedly make us well again when often its not medication that we need. Clean, nutritional, alkaline forming food is what our body requires, nothing more, nothing less. 

The REAL Truth About the Body’s Acid Alkaline Balance

Anyway watch the video and see what you think. It answered a few questions for me, as well as ringing some warning bells, and I have been researching this topic for a couple of years.

I highly recommend that you view this video if you are suffering from chronic latest celebrity news illness, want to prevent disease, or simply wish to achieve optimal health.

What did you think of this video presentation? Please leave review or questions in comments section at end of this article.

More information on some of the supplements mentioned during this video presentation are available on Alan’s website.

One of my personal favorites, Chlorella is mentioned several times by Paul for its ability to remove heavy metals from the body. As well it has many other benefits and is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. With any supplement it is vital to find a quality product from a good source.

One of the huge advantages of taking a supplement in this form is that being a natural substance Chlorella is highly digestible, unlike many synthetically produced supplements that are seen by the body’s immune system as foreign and therefore swiftly eliminated from the body. I know of many people taking this super-food and they all have good things to say about it.

Hint – Chlorella is particularly effective in reducing inflammation, and is a natural remedy for arthritis.

I believe that the information that has been presented here on acid alkaline balance is vital for our health and longevity. I sincerely hope you gain some benefit from it and live a long and healthy life – Mike.

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