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20 things you should consider in your anti-cancer protocol

Mike Papp - Author "the world is sick"

The American Cancer Society produced a ‘watershed’ report in June 2012 which has now been endorsed by the National Cancer Institute in America. The report concludes that since 2006 there has been an ‘explosion’ in research into complementary therapies (just as we at CANCER active have told you frequently) and that there is overwhelming’ ...

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A moving and important message from Rick Connolly

Rick Connolly Pic

I recently discovered this moving and important message from cancer sufferer Rick Connolly about the importance of education in defeating Cancer. I’m about to celebrate my 30th birthday, a milestone I was told I was not going to reach. In May of 2014 they discovered I had a large sarcoma ...

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The Healthy Gut Summit – Free Online Event

The Healthy Gut Summit

Are you one of 70 million people suffering from digestive diseases in the United States? You might be… and not even know your gut is the cause! Discover how your digestive health is intimately linked to your immune, endocrine, circulatory and central nervous systems at The Healthy Gut Summit, free ...

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Alternative and Integrative Solutions to Cancer

Learn from the Leading Edge Experts, Doctors, Naturopaths, Health Advocates and Cancer Survivors and Thrivers During the 2nd Annual Integrated Health Conference in San Diego March 20-22, 2015 Here is what you can expect to experience at The Integrated Health Conference: Inspiring Education Be inspired by learning dozens of powerful ...

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The Importance of Gut Health

The reason for this article is to let MMS Supplement users out there, both current & past, know how important it is to keep the health of the gut & digestive function. If truth be told, the health of our gut will often reflect our overall health – especially as ...

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Spring Cleaning Tea and Code

Carolee Johnson

1 tsp Dandelion Root 1 tsp Burdock Root 1 tsp Peppermint Leaf 10 oz Boiling Spring water 1 TSP raw honey Pour hot water over herbs, and let sit for ten or more minutes. Add honey and sip when cool enough. This tea is mildly cleansing and very regenerative to ...

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What ate my Mum? And will it eat me? – Movie Trailer


Meet Stuntman and Olympian, Marcus Lovett, a ski bum, that became an Olympic freestyle aerialist, that became a “Coach of the Year”, that became a stunt actor, that became a host and producer of the long running Snowshow, that commentated at the Nagano Winter Olympics and SLC Paralympics, and now has just completed a health documentary, “What ...

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TRULY HEAL cancer by addressing the root cause

Are you ready to TRULY HEAL cancer by addressing the root cause? After a very successful launch in Germany we will be touring the USA during March, April and May to share with you the TRULY HEAL cancer program. TRULY HEAL from CANCER – WORKSHOP 2015 – CLICK HERE FOR ...

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